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Did you notice bitcoin when its price climbed above the $ 50,000 mark?? It seems to you that the price of the first cryptocurrency is overstated and the bubble will burst soon? You don't trust cryptocurrencies because they are very volatile and complex?

CryptoCoinExpert Community.info created especially for you

The first authors of our site got acquainted with cryptocurrencies and with each other in 2017-2018 at bitcointalk forum, later we created channel for announcements and discussions on this and other crypto forums.

In the cryptocurrency market, rates updated one historical maximum after another, smart contracts, ICOs, bounty campaigns appeared...

Thanks to Ethereum and ERC-20 smart contracts, anyone can quickly create their own token, attract investment, or create collectible ERC-721 tokens.

Bitcoin is the first freely convertible cryptocurrency

The first discussions of this cryptocurrency began on the bitcointalk forum.org that I created myself Satoshi nakamoto to communicate with developers and miners. Later, the bitcointalk forum turned into the most reputable crypto-platform. On it, the organizers of the first cryptocurrencies (Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Ripple) began to discuss their projects and their technologies, the first users of cryptocurrencies appeared, crypto-economic incentives...

It is enough to look at the graphs of the growth in the value of the first cryptocurrencies to understand how much the first users and bountyrs or bounty hunters earned (people who popularize crypto projects and receive rewards in cryptocurrencies). In the crypto world, at times they pay very generously  😀

CryptoCoinExpert Mission.info - study, analysis and analysis of new technologies, publication of educational and training materials, acquaintance with crypto-projects, creation of your own tokenomics and decentralized crypto-community of smart people.

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