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CryptoCoinExpert community is three years old. Infrastructure overview

The CryptoCoinExpert community for three years of development has created a better infrastructure than many crypto projects with multi-million capitalizations. In our reporting review, we will briefly, with screenshots, talk about the media channels of the CryptoCoinExpert website.info.

cryptocoinexpert 3 years

Cryptocoinexpert website.info is a software product that unites users into a thematic community and creates information, educational and popular science content. The use of crypto-economic incentives involves users in the process of creating content and social activity in our media resources. Each registered user has access to a personal account with useful functionality.

Infrastructure cryptocoinexpert.info

Four years ago, a user under the nickname Tuareg registered an account on the reputable crypto forum bitcointalk and joined the evangelists of blockchain technology and tokenization of real assets. At that time, he was already successfully developing communities on the VK social network. People are regularly added to them, active participants publish content, editors, moderators and administrators work.

As a hobby, my colleagues and I developed entertainment and educational groups in VK. Later, some of the groups were forced to close or sell due to the blocking of this social network in Ukraine. At the moment, VK CryptoCoinExpert is represented by several communities: Channel with announcements, The world under the microscope, Telescope, Binoculars.

media vk cryptocoinexpert

Managing groups in VK took time and was ineffective. In the process of working on groups, the idea was born to automate the routine posting processes. Now there are many solutions for news portals on the Internet, some of which we have studied well in practice. This experience helped us create the concept of a software product, on the implementation of which we are currently working at CryptoCoinExpert.

For the correct operation of any product, statistical data and testing of hypotheses are always needed. The crypto world is ideal for these challenges - it is a fast-growing new market with its unique audience.

In 2017, the user m1m2 registered an account on the popular and promising blockchain platform golos.io. But this resource turned out to be unviable, the organizers stole the money. My whale account golos.io, together with the tokens found itself in a vacuum thanks to a team of miraculous organizers from the crypto fund.

golos.io cryptocoinexpert

Later, a topic was launched on the bitcoin-talk forum in the Russian-language locale "We share our experience and earn more"and his double in English version.

bitcointalk bitcoin cryptocoinexpert

This topic on the forum introduced the very first authors of our community to each other, the idea of creating a site cryptocoinexpert was announced in it.info, the first announcements and reviews of articles were published in it, they were discussed.

Bounty Blogs helped build the infrastructure for our community

Many people remember bounty campaigns and bounty blogs. High-quality media resources were required to participate in these campaigns. Initially our site was created to participate in these campaigns.

cryptocoinexpert wordpress 

For the site, the wordpress engine was chosen, on which the site worked until the recent full update. But to support the site, we needed thematic media resources. To highlight our work, topics were created on the leading (in our opinion) crypto forums: bitcointalk, altcoinstalks, cryptotalk.

bitcointalk cryptocoinexpert bitcoin

These forums are created to meet and communicate with crypto enthusiasts. Crypto forums gave us the first active contributors. We are always looking for people who are familiar with crypto and the technologies on which everything works.


altcoinstalks altcoinstalks

Posting on forums allowed us to calculate the effectiveness of publications and the number of transitions to the site. This data is very helpful in our work. Believe us, we know the number of transitions from forums, social networks, instant messengers, and many, many other funnels. We know the approximate cost of attracting and most importantly (!) user retention in a project related to cryptocurrencies.

cryptotalk cryptocoinexpert cryptotalk

CryptoCoinExpert Community Presented on Social Media Facebook and Twitter, Social activity in which is useful for our site.

Facebook Facebook Cryptocoinexpert

Twitter account, like some other media channels during the site update updated once a few days due to more relevant priorities at the moment. We know how to work with twitter, we know his favor, but for the Russian-speaking audience it is irrelevant, we will resume the active posting after the start of the English version of the site.

Twitter CryptocinoXpert Twitter

In Messenger Telegram we have today Russian-speaking and English Channels Announcements.

Telegram Telegram Cryptocoinexpert

Announced channel in English created and waits for the English-language version of our site

Telegram Crypto Coin Expert Info

Blockchain Platform Golos.ID Unlike Golos.IO develops and improved from year to year. Posting on this site allows you to enter publications in the blockchain and makes them unchanged. I like golos.id, but there is a confusion with passwords and keys, and I cannot log into my account.

golos voice

All our accounts were created gradually, for a specific task, each of them performs its own function. These accounts allowed us to collect analytics of visits to the site and analyze the effectiveness of posting in each of them.

Authors and content on the CryptoCoinExpert website.info

community crypto coin expert info

At the moment there are 2776 registered users in our community. We already understand that some of the registered accounts are multi-accounts and "dead users", so work is underway to clear the site of such accounts. First of all, we set ourselves the task of creating an effective community of like-minded people and do not pursue quantity at the expense of quality. The main audience of cryptocoinexpert.info - students and programmers, that is, people interested in technology and capable of improving the world of cryptocurrencies.

The first authors of our site, our core, have created many reviews in 3 years of work. Some of these articles have already been published, but a lot of materials are awaiting publication. This is due to the fact that the quality of the content on the site is constantly improving, many materials are edited before publication, some are completely rewritten again, all this takes time and resources.

crypto coin expert info

Many active site authors have accounts on forums of various blockchain projects. For example, m1m2 is registered on the IoTeX and Free TON forums, is active on them, gets to know users, shares his knowledge and thoughts.

The full functionality of our software product will gradually become available to CryptoCoinExpert users.info

Despite the fact that in 3-4 years of work we have created a good working infrastructure, our community is constantly developing. We are open to new members and technological integrations. The functionality of our website and blockchain technology allow tokenize virtual and real assets, make instant money transfers with a minimum commission, create your own fungible and non-fungible tokens, participate in decentralized management, conduct polls and votes, and much, much more...

The CryptoCoinExpert community strives to create a system based on the principles of decentralization and equity participation. Many different blockchains will be simultaneously integrated into this system. Therefore, we initially refused to create our own tokens and our own blockchain. At the moment, such a strategy is justified, but time will tell what will happen in the future.

crypto coin expert info

In this review, we talked about the infrastructure of our community and reported on the work done for 3 years. Subscribe to our media channels, the news in them is regularly updated.

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