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IoTeX Delegate. IoTeX iCu + CryptoCoinExpert

IoTeXiCu + CryptoCoinExpertThe delegate plays a very important role in the decentralized blockchain network. Among his tasks are the formation and confirmation of blocks in the blockchain, ensuring the operation and security of the distributed network, the development of a blockchain project.

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The IoTeX project is working to create a blockchain for the Internet of Things (IoT). This means that over time, billions of independent IoT devices and users will be connected to the network. To ensure the security, scalability and speed of the IoTeX network, Delegates are needed - the "workhorses" of the project.

iotex delegate

I am proud to present the IoTeX Blockchain Delegate - IoTeXiCu

IoTeXiCu delegate together with the site team CryptoCoinExpert.info is already helping the development of an innovative IoTeX project!

Information support, work as an Ambassador of the project, attendance of specialized conferences, and popularization of IoTeX among developers and manufacturers of solutions for the Internet of Things.

Ok, what the blockchain project needs Delegates for, we figured it out, now I'll tell you why CryptoCoinExpert and I personally became a Delegate.

In addition to material reward, we are interested in development. 

Development of real blockchain projects related to the real world and real business. On the pages of this blog, I have repeatedly emphasized the idea that the development of blockchain technology is possible only through the massive integration of blockchains into real business projects.

Tokenization of real assets impossible without blockchain and without a working, profitable business. I became an IoTeX Delegate in order to be closer to the project team. In order not only in word, but also in deed, together, to develop technology and integrate it into successful business processes.

iot-iotex delegate

The IoTeX blockchain is a kind of core around which IoT can and should be built. The prospects for such a construction look inspiring! Therefore, together with the CryptoCoinExpert team, I joined the project as the first builders of a large network.

In this video, with translation in the form of subtitles, the founders of the project analyze in detail the nuances of the Delegates program.

In addition to answering topical questions, founders Raullen, Jing and head of business development Larry are considering the IoTeX Roadmap for 2019.

Crypto-economic incentives are originally embedded in the blockchain network. Voting for Delegates benefits everyone!

In his review Voting for IoTeX Delegates I translated, prepared by the IoTeX team, the profitability calculation for those who vote, and for those for whom they vote.

The delegate program is a mutually beneficial exchange in which all participants are interested.

In addition, when voting for Delegates, it is possible to get an additional profit of 20-30% per annum due to Staking. In the near future we will publish a separate review on this topic.

But the most important thing is that the Delegate returns 80% of his earnings to the network member who voted for him.

Reward Distribution Plan
 80% - return to voters (thanks for your support!)
 10% - to maintain infrastructure
 10% - develop a global IoTeX community

In this review, I have shared with you my joy, plans, and hopes. Blockchain technology, tokenization, internet of things are already helping people. In the future, these technologies will become part of our daily life. I propose to build this future together.

And even today 10 months CryptoCoinExpert.info :)

Please support me as an IoTeX Delegate - it is mutually beneficial for all of us.

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