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Cryptoprojects, token and earnings

Cryptoprojects, token and earnings. These components are interconnected and important to the success of any project. In order for there to be a demand for a project's token, it is important for the team to work in conjunction with the community.

My nickname on bitcointalk forum - bitmet, I am interested in blockchain technology and possibility of its integration into business environment for a long time.

cryptoprojects, token and earnings

About a year ago I registered on bitcointalk to invest in projects during ico, I have tokens of different projects in my case, so I know what I am writing about.

I got the idea to publish my thoughts after reading the topic on bitcointalk, which described a complicated way of earning on the bounty blogs. I liked the idea, I tried it, and it worked.

I published my reviews of cryptoprojects on Golos and Steam. I do not start my own blog, it is more convenient and easier to integrate into the team, I see a future in this approach to joint activities.

For this blog I have already written one article: Envion- Scam. How to cheat everyone and turn 100 million into nothing, In it I told about the project, which is familiar to many people, and at the same time I tried my hand as a whistleblower :)

My plan is to continue to publish materials on the site cryptocoinexpert.info, I plan to write about cryptoprojects in my articles - this topic is interesting to me and should be profitable. I have experience, I understand the subject well, I have decided on a platform for publications, and now I have to act!

Cryptoprojects, token and earnings

Now I turn to the description of my idea - Cryptoprojects and earnings

In more than half a year of describing cryptoprojects for bounty blogs, I wrote 38 articles describing the concepts of different projects. Writing a review is an immersion in a project.

Before writing a review, you need to thoroughly study the project, understand its prospects, find as many mentions of the project as possible, study the team of organizers and executors, deal with the project white paper, and much more.

Finding an interesting project you want to write a review about is not easy. Everyone knows that it's easier to describe an idea you like than an unfamiliar one.

I only write reviews of those projects that I like and am interested in. Moreover, I invest in these projects my money, so I am interested in this project to be implemented, and bring me profit and earnings.

To date, the situation with the profits is very unclear, but I have studied the projects that I wrote about, invested in them, recommended them to my readers. So, in theory, I was either wrong in my research, or the projects implement their program, and it takes time.

We all know that cryptoprojects are very eager to communicate with the cryptocommunity at ico stage, running their blogs, trying to answer questions in topics on bitcointalk and in telegram groups. But situation changes radically after tokensale ends!

Most of projects sharply reduces their media activity after they raise money. Only a handful of projects continue to report to investors on the progress of their work, while the rest cite busyness and maintain silence. This is very bad, first of all, for the projects themselves.

It has been long noted that for the success of any undertaking, it is important to keep in touch with a loyal audience. An information vacuum generates dissatisfaction of the community, which may grow into a real problem for the project and its organizers.

Cryptoprojects token earnings

Cryptoprojects and earnings for bloggers

Of course I'm not the smartest in this world, but the situation is very interesting. During ico and bounty campaigns, cryptoprojects give out their tokens left and right, and after the tokensale ends, they forget about their bounty-hunters. At best, they accrue their tokens and forget for good. But this is a very wrong position!

A successfully developing project simply must pay attention to maintaining its image as a successful project. This image is created by the work of a project support group, PR-specialists, bloggers, advertisers. You have to pay for all this, and very often you have to pay in fiat currency.

Bountists are willing to work for the tokens of the project!

It is much more interesting for reviewers to regularly describe the working points of an already familiar project they wrote about during a bounty campaign. The blogger already has an audience; he has articles about the project that he can link to. The blogger is interested in the success of the project, because he already has a token of this project. Blogger is a loyal mouthpiece of crypto projects. Bloggers, like all other people, are interested in making money.

Cryptoprojects tokens earn money

My idea is that cryptoprojects should not forget about their authors after the end of the bounty campaign and ico, and continue to attract them to write articles about the progress of the project development. These articles are even more important than articles at the ICO stage, because the price of tokens of any project depends on the demand for this token.

In order to increase the demand for token, it is important to have positive and constant news from the organizers.

The authors of reviews for bounty blogs can accomplish this task very well, because there are real experts in their business with their blogs. Earnings stimulate the effectiveness of the authors.

This cooperation can be very effective due to the decentralization of authors and media channels, and due to the payment in token projects.

That's all for today, what do you think of my idea?? Please comment on it and ask questions.

Yours #bitmet.

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