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How I came into crypto world... My crypto history.

Blockchain technology, tokenization of real assets, cryptocurrencies, tokens, consensus - these and other words were unfamiliar to me until recently. I came into the crypto world about a year ago - it was spring 2017, a beautiful time when nature and life come alive. Now it's spring 2018, and I already have something to share with my readers at this point.

cryptocoinexpert tuareg

I've settled into the bitcointalk forum.org under the nickname Tuareg, on blogger sites Golos.io, Steem.com, Medium.com and on other resources friendly to me under the nickname m1m2. My articles and reviews are available to all interested cryptomaniacs, I am constantly sharing my new experiences and knowledge, interested in their addition, comments and constructive discussion.

It is not for nothing that my topic at bitcointalk.org called - We share our experiences and earn more, and it has a clone in english local forum under the title- Let's share our experiences and earn more money.

And now my crypto story, how I came into the crypto world...

I was born in the very middle of the 70's of the 20 th century in Kharkov - the first capital of the USSR and the largest city of the USSR. My parents - normal Soviet people, my dad - a scientist and honored inventor of the USSR, my mother - an engineer and a very strong and kind woman. Since my childhood I was surrounded by love and care of my relatives: my grandparents, parents, my brother in law, many uncles and aunts.

Like many of us I went to school at 7 and at 9 I moved to another school, for which I am very grateful to my parents. The thing is that my parents received a 3-room apartment in a new building and we moved from the outskirts of Kharkov into a new and comfortable residential area of the city, which is located near the center. Together with my place of living (working suburbs of the city) I had to change the school and the circle of my friends, beautiful children, whom I practically do not remember anymore, because much time had passed. A new school, new people, a new neighborhood with a apartment-it's a wonderful childhood time!


At the new school I quickly integrated into the team, my time was filled with studying, singing in the boys' chapel, visiting the hiking club in the pioneer house, training in the sports section, and doing nothing with my friends from the school class. I also want to tell you that our class was very friendly, the school was small (2 classes in parallel), everyone knew each other and coexisted without hostility, on the contrary, if necessary, helped each other.

This is not an idyllic childhood, in such an environment I grew up and formed as a human being - in an environment of knowledge, hobbies, friendship and mutual support.

Singing in the Boys Chapel gave friendship with older school mates, trips to "tours" in other cities during school vacations, in their own way developed and allowed to benefit from their free time.

Hiking club gave me an acquaintance with interesting guys, a love of nature, a few vivid hikes in Kharkov region, in the Crimea, the Carpathians, the Caucasus, the Baltic States and even Poland. Athletic activities accustomed me to sports, achieving results, and strengthened my body and spirit)))

As you have probably already guessed, I practically had no free time in my childhood, I was always in a group of interesting people with good teachers. In this regard, of course, I was very lucky, because in childhood a person's worldview is formed, the first social relationships are established, knowledge and habits are obtained, which are very helpful in adulthood.

I remember when I was a kid my friends and I liked to play Monopoly, and in the box with the game everyone emulated his own play money. Of course it was not cryptocurrency, but it is safe to call this money as tokens. My currency on the picture)))

coin cryptomir

But every school student also has vacations, the most long-awaited events of the year. As I said before, thanks to the choir and the chapel, most of my and my brother's vacations were spent visiting cities in what was then the Soviet Union. I've only been to pioneer camps twice, one time I managed to become a member of a unit, and I even memorized the chant I chose for my squad Grenada (I always liked romantic names): "If the Motherland says, 'We must!"-" Yes!"Grenada will answer.".

Summer, my favorite time of the year, I spent in the country with my little brother at my grandparents', enjoyed the fresh air, games with friends, eating delicious berries, and getting accustomed to farm work. As I said before, my childhood was quite happy, eventful and without too many negative experiences. 

I remember as negative experiences a few moments, one of them I will tell you now. At our school there was a bulletin board, on which various announcements of circles, additional classes and other things were hung out. One day I came to school and found on this board an announcement with an offer to visit the friendly country of Venezuela. The question price was one thousand and something Soviet rubles, a very large sum for those days (my father's salary at that time was about 200 rubles a month). Naturally, I wanted to go to Venezuela, and that same evening I told my parents about my desire to go to Venezuela. 

To be honest I did not expect rejection, and I was sure that it was time to prepare documents and pack a backpack for the trip. What was my surprise, disappointment and resentment when my parents gave me a flat refusal. As a determined guy I did not accept this state of affairs and decided to sell everything I owned, including my bed, and go to Latin America no matter what. But alas, there was an even greater disappointment waiting for me - no one wanted my stuff. So I didn't go to Venezuela.

But I read a lot in my childhood, my parents also instilled in me and my brother the love of books. Not only that, my brother even became a bookseller when he grew up, and now he owns an antique shop in the center of Kiev. My brother is interested in history, my hobby - science fiction and travel. Now I am an adult, but for the interest of buying old books with fantasy stories, I have in my collection unique editions of Tsiolkovsky, Jules Vern, Mark Twain, Herbert Wells, Alexander Belyaev and other classics of the genre.


In one of his lectures, writer Neil Gaiman said: "The simplest way to guarantee that you will raise literate children is to teach them to read and to show them that reading is a pleasant pastime. The simplest thing is to find books they like, give them access to those books, and let them read them.", I completely agree with these words of the famous writer, and I am grateful to my parents for giving me this opportunity and introducing me to reading.

I must say that since childhood I was the "soul of the company", I have a lot of friends-friends, with many of them I have experienced real adventures in childhood, adolescence and adulthood. The company of peers accompanied always me from my early childhood, I was used to being among people, used to joint decision making in any situations, used to joint response to irritants and controversial moments. Collectivism and joint solution of life's problems have been nurtured in me since my early childhood. This does not mean that I find it difficult to make my own decision, on the contrary, hiking in the mountains as a child taught me how to quickly and accurately solve difficulties and emergency situations, prepared my character for all kinds of domestic, physical and psychological stress.

I will tell you a little about my experiences and thoughts during the hikes. Tourist life is associated with certain difficulties and challenges, in stressful situations, a person does not behave as in normal life, exposed moments that are usually hidden away inside a person. To have a successful hike, there were developed rules to be followed during the hike. Depending on the leader of the campaign these rules are executed in full or in part.

In my case, the leader was a woman, while not authoritarian, but fairly rigid, the rules she set not very strict, on this hike was easy, were well organized and interesting. For myself I noticed one simple thing from my childhood. During the campaign you must always go forward, despite fatigue, to be ahead of the main group, because on the break you come before the other members of the team, and therefore longer rest. With this rule I went dozens of hikes as a child, gained experience next to the leader of the group, and for many years in a row I have been one of the organizers of tourist trips. But now in my leadership and style of hiking all changed.

Anyone who's ever been hiking will understand me now. When you lead the people behind you, the strongest members go behind so that the column is not stretched and for possible help in case of emergency. Ahead of the column is an experienced person who knows the route and sets the pace walking, it is very important to adjust to the rhythm of all participants in the group, but at the same time lead the group a little faster than on the walk, because there is a planned overnight point to which should have time to get the day crossing. I'm equally at ease walking ahead and at the end of the column. This is a skill I have developed in myself thanks to school hikes.

Whether to call it another test, or a life lesson, I don't know, but I graduated from high school during the real breakup of the USSR.

I remember well when I turned on the TV in the morning and saw Swan Lake ballet and the announcement of the State Committee for the State of Emergency instead of Morning Post. I remember how my parents "out of harm's way" I was urgently taken away from the city to a tourist base in a picturesque place in the Kharkov region, I remember this tense expectation of any news from the adults, I remember that we returned to Kharkov only after it was all over. 

I remember the spirit of rebellion and expectation of change during perestroika, glasnost and acceleration. I remember how difficult it was to get food in the stores, I remember the huge lines for everything, I remember with horror the transport collapse in the mornings and evenings. That was in my childhood, too. I remember the youth crime rate, street fights between neighborhoods... I remember being kicked in the face by a couple of kids in the city center... I remember my teenage friends that I could count on in times of need. But I also remember that I had enough brains to go to preparatory courses for university and graduate from high school with a physics and mathematics degree.

Among my friends and childhood friends there are a lot of different people. I always managed to be friends with interesting people, most of them are smart and goal-oriented people, but there were people who became addicts (one guy even died from drugs) and guys who chose a life of crime. It was that time, everyone chose their own way.

In the last 2 years of school I started "dealing", because I needed money all the time and my parents could not give me as much money as I wanted. One of my first experiences in commerce was that I and a friend stood in a huge line in a store and bought a case of beer, then resold this beer at one of the markets to the traders. This was also the first time I ran into racketeers, to whom we regularly gave 1-2 bottles of beer from a crate. Then we used to take cigarettes to the neighboring Belgorod, and from there we drove all kinds of stuff to Kharkov.

That's how I spent my weekends, and the rest of the time I studied and did preparatory courses in higher mathematics, history and English. I got pocket money, a leather jacket and a tracksuit - the attributes of a wealthy and promising young man. But time passed, entrance exams were getting closer, the possibility of getting drafted into the army loomed ahead...

The next period of my development as a cryptomaniac began - the institute. And I still have nothing to tell about cryptocurrencies.


I will tell you the truth I failed my first entrance exam to the economics department of the university. The world stopped, the draft was becoming my only reality, and with it the collapse of my dreams, desires and plans. It was a difficult moment when my father came to help me and I easily passed my entrance exams to the institute of civil engineering. The plan was this: I would study for a year in the civil engineering institute, and the next year I would transfer to the full-time faculty with a military department, there was a little overlap, but the threat of the army was still there. It is difficult to imagine what levers my father involved, but the next year I was safely transferred to the full-time department and lived a full student life.

Again a new collective, because I came to the group from the second year, and again I coped brilliantly with the integration into this new community of people. The group I studied in turned out to be a very friendly and close-knit group. For the second time in my life I was lucky with my social circle. In parallel with my studies, I was already doing more or less serious business; at 18 I was the director of a branch of a less serious firm. My brother and I, along with some of my classmates and school friends, began to carry banking equipment from Moscow in our bags several times a week. I had my first serious money and the opportunity to spend it. Students are fun in the first place, but students with money are 100 times more fun!

As with institute at me everything was all right, two my former classmates studied with me in one group, one of them was the old man of group, I managed to skip study as it was necessary for me. I devoted all my time to business, our business was growing and enlarging, my ambitions were growing too, my life was painted in the brightest colors.

The mistakes of youth, they happen to all young and ambitious people. I went through them, too. When you have a lot of money, brilliant prospects, you are young and full of energy, mistakes are begging to be made. My brother and I decided to leave a stable and profitable firm together with one of the founders and open our own big business.

From that moment began a series of amazingly bright events with a very tragic undertone. The events that happened soon made me grow up much earlier than my peers.

Now I will not describe in detail what our "corporation of mega monsters" was doing, I will only say that I headed the advertising agency, and my brother the trading company, our friend headed another structure which was doing construction work. We rented half a floor in a fancy office center, hired people and enthusiastically got down to business. As we expected, the money flowed, we were all in business, the firm grew very quickly, some of my classmates and classmates were now working with us. It was a great time. At university I was doing great, my brother was getting into a very promising department of economics at university, no life but a succession of wonderful events. Time was approaching a major test, our parent company, the one which dealt with the construction, began to have problems with the law enforcement agencies.

That's when I felt for the first time what adult troubles. This period lasted for about 2 years, to describe it there is no special desire, I say only that it was a period of testing the strength of the friendship with some of my close people, because we all have sipped from the fullness of adulthood.

But at the institute it was like being in God's arms. Studying, student parties, the military department. By the way, my classmates chose me as a squad leader, I became very friendly with the teachers of the military department, because I had a car, and they (the teachers) had to be taken on a fishing trip.

Around the same time I enrolled in Greenpeace Ukraine and even became for a time coordinator of Greenpeace in my city. At the same time I was engaged in business again, and life was gradually improving. Over the next 2-3 years I expanded my business, began to travel to Georgia, and even participated in the mini reforms in this country. Naturally, life brought me together with very interesting and smart people, from whom I learned a lot and gained experience.

cryptoworld blockchain

I'm consciously omitting in the description of this period of my life the negative moments and difficulties I had to go through, believe me they were enough for a separate story. This period showed me a lot of joyful moments, examples of friendly support and mutual assistance. But at the same time it introduced me to the betrayal of people we trusted, to the envy of loved ones, and many other very negative moments. All this hardened me, introduced me to the other side of big money and made me older than my peers, and I also accumulated a lot of emotional fatigue.

I finished the institute very well, at that time I already had a certain successful business and experience, the right connections and wonderful trusted friends. The next few years after college were filled with work, travel, the beginning of my family life. Since my family life has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies, I'm not going to talk about it. I will only say that my first marriage fell apart after a few years, and I was to blame for it.

We all like stories. Very sweet stories cause disbelief, tragic stories quickly begin to cause longing. My story is full of both.

Why I'm describing it, it's not about cryptocurrencies, tokens or blockchain?

  • Firstly, in order for you to learn a little bit about me as a person with his ups and downs, with his history;
  • Secondly, the big text is needed for the search engine crawlers, who will rank the site where I will publish this narrative;
  • Thirdly, I need it once and for all tell you about myself, so that in the future we will not return to this subject again.

A person's adult life is filled with all sorts of social connections, most of them formed during the school and college years, in the course of work the connections expand and intertwine. As you have already understood from my story, my social circle is completely normal.

Most of my high school and college friends have found themselves in life and are doing useful work. Some have moved on and left my life. Among my friends, there are successful businessmen, programmers, lawyers, judges, judges, security officers, doctors, officials of different levels, deputies of local councils and even people's deputies of Ukraine.

I am not ashamed to say that sometimes people come to me to introduce me to this or that person. My skill at communicating and finding a common language with people really helps me. I tell you the truth, sometimes I make mistakes in people and it hurts me a lot, but life is life and there is no progress without lessons.

Besides work, I still go in for hiking, collecting sci-fi books, geographic maps and Soviet wristwatches. But it's more like a hobby, my main passion is traveling to new countries. In my adventure-rich life I have visited many interesting places on the planet, while at the same time there are still many places I want to visit. 

I have skydived, flown a glider, fasted properly for several years, been to military conflict zones and luxurious resorts. I have experienced betrayal and friendship, a sense of victory and a long run of bad luck, parting and meeting people...

I also ran for deputy of the local council, went through all the hell of an election race, lost an election and became an assistant deputy, did a lot of really useful things for the residents of several settlements. All this is a great experience and a tremendous expenditure of vital energy, which is very difficult to restore. That is why I joined crypto world.

It's no secret that many issues are resolved through the table. A little more, and I'm finishing)))

So I will tell you another part of my life. Alcohol. Our everyday life revolves around certain rules and traditions, alcohol consumption is one of them. I do not hide, and many people who know me will confirm that I am a drinker. I like strong alcoholic drinks, I like cold beer on a hot day, I like to drink red wine with meat, I like to wash down fish dishes with white wine. But still my biggest passion is hard liquor. 

How many adventures I have made under the influence of alcohol, how many new acquaintances I have made with the help of strong alcoholic drinks, some of these acquaintances have grown into strong friendships. At the same time I will not hide the fact that alcohol has ruined my first marriage, alienated from me some of my childhood friends, became the cause of great losses and even physical injuries in the form of fractures.

cryptomir cryptohistory

I am very fond of alcoholic beverages, I am quite good at them, I love this feeling of euphoria which is caused by alcohol. I can talk about alcohol for hours, recall different stories, adventures and curiosities. I don't really like to talk about the fact that I have completely given up alcohol. I have not taken alcohol for about a year now, yes it is true. Many of my friends were very surprised when I'm on the next big holiday or a binge birthday party driving a car.

I had to give up drinking alcohol because I know very well what harm it did to me. I decided to tell you this just in case, so there would be no questions or misunderstandings. I like alcoholic beverages very much, but I consciously refused to take them. I can have a drink with a group, but I don't do it willingly. I have a good supply of fine alcoholic beverages at home for guests, I like to be on tap, but I deliberately do not take alcohol myself.

How did I get into the crypto world? The genesis of the idea of creating CryptoCoinExpert.info and my introduction to altcoins.

About one year ago my wife and I went to Sri-Lanka island. I took a vacation from inner tension, which was haunting me for quite a long time. My business stopped giving me pleasure and joy, I was irritated by many points in my activity and I started refusing some profitable offers simply because of some inner feeling.

We flew from Kiev to Sharjah to Colombo, which is quite a long flight with a short stopover in Sharjah. Since we flew as part of a tourist tour, all the formalities were already taken care of and we just had to get to the hotel and start our vacation on a beautiful tropical island.

During a long flight you begin to get acquainted with the neighbors on the plane, and it so happened that not far from us were sitting a boy and a girl who were going to the same hotel as we did. We got to know each other and became friends at the hotel when it turned out that we had to wait at reception for 8 hours to check in. We had a lot to talk about, as we were brought together by shared waiting and a bottle of whiskey (at that time I had not yet given up alcohol). During the vacation we went on several excursions with our new friends and talked a lot. My new friend advised me to pay attention to cryptocurrencies, investing in which you can make good money.

After returning home, I was watching the volatility of exchange rates for some time, calling my guru, and was already forgetting about my desire to buy a bitcoin or etherium, but then began a rapid growth of cryptocurrency rates, and I reacted in time to it - I bought bitcoins at a rate of just over $ 2000 per bitcoin. At that time it was a very profitable investment, because the rate of cryptocurrencies continued its steady growth. For my part, if I had left my assets in bitcoins and did not buy other coins, my crypto portfolio would be worth much more now. But what's done is done, you have to pay for experience, that's how tough the crypto world is.

Next step was registration on bitcointalk.org forum, on Golos and a lot of new interesting information about blockchain, tokens, altcoins and forks. There were speculations on cryptocurrency rates and nightly waiting for pampers, unfortunate losses, investments in projects at the ICO stage, participation in bounty campaigns, promotion of accounts in social networks, trying my hand at writing first reviews of crypto-projects. Appeared in my life bitcoin meetups and cryptoconferences, new acquaintances with interesting people - cryptomaniacs and bitcoin evangelists, sharing experience and knowledge.

The idea of creating my own blog - CryptoCoinExpert.info began to take shape, and in May 2018 I registered this domain and wrote my first blog post, thus entering the crypto world even more thoroughly. That's how I became a blogger And hopefully this is just the beginning of my newest crypto story.

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