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Published by: 21:27, 29 November 2018

Testing the AERGO search engine

I'm always testing something. In my opinion the test - is the best way to get rid of illusions. I use testing to decide: whether my development is going on correctly or not, whether I reach my goals, whether I need to continue this work, how the project can improve search results, and whether bitcointalk helps in this.

testing aergo

Today I am testing the search results of AERGO

AERGO - is an open-source platform for creating, running and deploying private and enterprise blockchains. AERGO plans to use a brand new consensus algorithm combined with smart contracts. All of this, according to the organizers of AERGO, allows them to claim that they are developing a fundamentally new fourth-generation blockchain.

The team Blocko - Aergo consists of experienced professionals who have successfully implemented dozens of major blockchain solutions in well-known international corporations. The main activity of the project is in South Korea.

testing aergo-blocko

As the AERGO project has ambitious plans and goals, the team needs the support of the community.

Program Token Distribution Event (TDE), which was recently successfully completed, brought together AERGO's early adopters, and brought them together. Each of the early adopters are contributing to the development of this ambitious endeavor. I also contribute to the development of the AERGO project.

Today I am testing the intermediate results of my work. I am satisfied with the result, and I would like to share the intermediate results with my readers. This algorithm can be applied to any project.

I am testing the AERGO search results. What we have now in Kharkov?

Turning from words into reports. There will be pictures and explanations underneath. To get more accurate data, I needed people who from their computers and ip-addresses have never entered the search query AERGO.

bitcointalk search results

This is how a screenshot of the search looks like on my phone. Geographically I am in Kharkov, Ukraine at the moment of testing. The search results from my phone can not be called objective. I periodically visit the site aergo.io and bitcointalk forum from my phone.

AERGO bitcointalk search results

This is a screenshot of google search on my computer. Naturally bitcointalk and aergo are at the top of search results. But I need as much data as possible for the purity of the experiment.

I test AERGO search results. Georgia.

I called an old friend of mine in Georgia. This nice man and successful businessman is far from crypto, blockchain and AERGO project.

I had to get the result of an extradition from the most ordinary person who happened to hear the name of the project AERGO and decided to collect information about it on the Internet. Geographically, at the time of the test my friend was in the city of Tbilisi, Georgia.

Here's a picture of his monitor. The search query was done with different browsers.

testing aergo ge1

Yandex. The quality is not super, but you can see everything very well

AERGO bitcointalk search results

Google, it certainly shows a different picture.

AERGO bitcointalk search box

this is from a different browser.

testing aergo ge4

Another Yandex, from another browser.

I have a clear picture of Georgia. Now I just show the photos as they are. I will write my conclusions below, after all the pictures.

Testing the AERGO search engine. Moscow.

The next point of my test is the hero-city Moscow. What could be easier to get data from a search engine in Moscow, you may ask? But the problem is that all my colleagues from this city already know about the AERGO project, and have repeatedly entered the name in their search engines.

I found the way out of this situation quite simply, but not at once. I asked my mother to search for the name of the project))) The thing is that I was not in Moscow for a few months, and consequently did not go on the Internet from our Moscow apartment.

My mom is not interested in blockchain and crypto-projects, that's why I got the result I expected - the search query was made by a user who just found out about the project.

testing aergo msk1

this is what the result looks like on google.

testing aergo msk2

This is how search query appears on yandex.

Testing AERGO search results. Kiev.

Again Ukraine, the city of Kiev. The test was conducted by a person who heard about the AERGO project for the first time; bitcointalk forum is not among his interests too.

testing aergo ki

I'm stopping posting photos from cities today, otherwise I won't finish this review until morning. I still have data from Morocco, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, USA, Poland, Turkey, Switzerland, UK. I am going to need this data, but not today.

Today I am from Kharkov and I did a search for AERGO in the search engine duckduckgo.

test Aergo_duckduckgo

As we can see the search results are completely different here, the priority to the English-language sites.

I am testing the AERGO search results. What I wanted to determine?

The purpose of all these pictures from several cities, to find out how the forum bitcointalk.org and the project's topic- AERGO. Blockchain 4.0. Discussion. 

AERGO bitcointalk search engine

In early October I first posted, in this newly created topic, my first post. I am not its topic starter, but as part of my support of the project, I began the work of filling it with content and activity.

I thought this project needed a bitcointhalk forum from the beginning, and wrote a separate post on this topic- AERGO's innovative blockchain and open source platform at bitcointalk.org. Since I am a man of action, I decided to just do my job. Monotonously, gradually and consistently. Especially since I know how to do it, and I have a team of helpers.

But the most important question was how this work can be useful for the blockchain project. I am interested in this question for a long time, I already have at least two really working and profitable projects, that need their own blockchain. Not only that, in the article-  Ukrainian developers are waiting for AERGO platform, I wrote why I'm sure about it. The BitcoinTalk forum will be very useful for me and the AERGO project.

Now it's important to check how useful this forum is for projects. The topic is promoted and on the first page of search engines in Kharkov, Kiev and Moscow. The information in the topic is accumulated, a history of AERGO blockchain project is created. This information is read by forum users, as evidenced by the counter of views of the topic, which counts only the views of forum users. Forum counter does not count external traffic. It means that bitcointalk forum even in such difficult For the cryptoworld these difficult times are very useful for projects and in high demand.

Testing AERGO search results. What's next?

AERGO bitcointalk search engine

And then there is still a lot of work to be done. I have organized activity and content filling in just one of the forum's language locales.

The activation of work in other languages will bring bitcointalk topics to the first pages of search results in other countries of the world. It is a complicated work which will require people, time and money. It is impossible for me to do this work alone due to many factors.

The main problem is that only native speakers are allowed to create topics, this is monitored by the language locale moderators. But these problems can be solved. The main thing that my algorithm works and brings visible results.

aergo blockchains
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