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Why I want to be an AERGO Ambassador

A brand ambassador (sometimes also used in Russian as "brand ambassador" or "brand ambassador") is a person hired by an organization or company to represent a brand in a positive light and thus help increase brand awareness and sales. That's what it says on Wikipedia.

aergo ambassador

Why I want to be an AERGO Ambassador?

I want to do this honorable and responsible, representative job. I am sure I will perform this interesting and ambitious task to the highest standards. I want to be an AERGO Ambassador. What's wrong with that??


Why I think so?

On my blog, I primarily write posts for people I know personally. This blog is meant to be a site where I can answer the questions my friends and acquaintances are most interested in. You know, it's very convenient. Instead of telling the same life story ten times, or explaining your motives for your actions, it's easier to describe it all once. And tell everyone where you can get an answer to any question they are interested in. It's very convenient. And most importantly, it works.

Thanks to this algorithm, any interested person can get answers to their questions:

How did I come into the crypto-world ..

I'm an integrator. How it can be useful

Later, the idea of my blog was transformed a bit. I am very interested in the issue of tokenization of real assets, which I wrote about in a review: Tokenization of an online store. Melbis Shop review. 

So, I've noticed that with my blog I manage to get people interested. It's enough to simply send a messenger link to my article and ask the opinion of the person I'm interested in, and I'm guaranteed to get feedback. It works, guys, and I am not ashamed to tell you about it.

It works very effectively. I immediately know the opinion of my interlocutor or interlocutors, and I do not waste extra time explaining my question. I simply send people links to my articles before the meeting. As a result, negotiations are much more constructive, interesting and effective.

I developed this algorithm a while ago. Now I am amazed that I was not effectively preparing for negotiations in my entrepreneurial days. Using this algorithm, I got a job as a business project consultant in Indonesia, and was invited as a speaker to a prestigious business forum.

In my manner, I present my thoughts on any issue that interests me, write them down, and publish them. As a result, I'm guaranteed to get feedback.

But I don't use my algorithm only for negotiations.

At one time I created a topic on bitcointalk forum [BOUNTY][RUS] Sharing experiences and earning more. Why was it created I have already written above. The topic of my posts in this thread varies from time to time depending on the tasks I'm interested in. This topic helped me to find and gather into a team several authors who know about blockchain technology and its applications.

Our cooperation takes place remotely, which is very convenient. Each of the authors is different and interesting. Our tandem works quite effectively. It turns out that my algorithm is able to unite and motivate people to cooperate.

Why do I want to become an AERGO Ambassador?.

As a person who grew up among people with a mathematical mindset, and who often interacts with programmers, I know what they think. I know that programmers are distrustful of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency related projects. I know these conservative, successful, very smart guys. I've been talking to them all week for very many years in a row. I know that until they figure it out for themselves, it's impossible to get anything out of them. I know that before you can talk to them about serious things, you have to prepare thoroughly. I know there are a lot more questions than I have answers ready. I know that before I make a decision, these guys need to have all their questions answered.

I know this because I'm one of them, I have the exact same mindset. That is why I want to become an AERGO Ambassador. I want to work in a team of professionals, and have my questions answered first hand. I want to be sure that I am spending my time promoting a real working project, not a fly-by-night company. I want to evolve with the project, be part of the team on this project, and work to get results.

Have my expectations been met?

Through the hard work of the whole cryptocoinexpert.info team I received the honorary title of Ambassador. We did a lot of work to popularize this blockchain. But the AERGO team was not ready for global acceptance by the community, the marketing policy of the project kept changing, the developers didn't communicate with the community. 

After 1.5 years of working with the project, we decided to stop working with AERGO. 

Unfortunately at the moment AERGO blockchain is poorly perceived by users and developers, the dynamics of this blockchain network is very weak. 

What is my advice to readers of my blog?

Anyone can become an ambassador for a blockchain project. Pay attention to your twitter and telegram accounts (if you do not have them - register them), you will use them very often. Organizers of cryptoprojects like noise in social networks, projects need administrators in Discord and moderators on Reddit, creatives and content creators. As an example, I publish a description of the Ambassador Program in the IoTeX project. 

You need to understand that the crypto project needs you much more than you need it. 

If you become an Ambassador, do your work well, build your resume for future projects. Carefully read the terms of payment for your work, stipulate each of your initiatives with the project team, do not hesitate to offer your ideas and methods of implementation. Treat the title of an Ambassador as a perfect job and you will get experience, cryptocurrency, and a resume for a career in the crypto world.

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