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AETERNITY - open source block

The ATERNITY blockchain project is developing a blockchain system with easily scalable smart contracts that processed and Manage real data.


At the end of last year, I mentioned AETERNITY in his post Cryptocinoxpert. Results of 2018. Today I will consider this project in detail. There will be screenshots, comments, links to media channels AETERNITY. To familiarize yourself with the project technology, I published screenshots from the site.

Acquaintance with the project I propose to start information on coinmarketcap. At the time of writing this review, the capitalization of AETERNITY is 93,89,698 US dollars, the project occupies 49th place in the capitalization line of crypto-projects.


Aeternity confidently catch up with Bitshares blockchain, and has already overtook the capitalization of STEEM. I did not accidentally mention these two names. These are work projects, with their blockchain, which in their functionality are competitors AETERNITY.


The screenshot shows the exchange fluctuations of the project token- AE

On June 1, 2017, Token traded at 0.684297 US dollars (0.000289 BTC). Project token, like the whole crypto industry, has already seen ups and downs, has a history of trading.


This screenshot lists the list of the exchange on which the AE Tocken is traded. This is a liquid token, which can be easily bought and sell if necessary. At the time of writing this review, daily bidding amounted to more than $ 3 million US dollars.

I consider all this and I am not accidentally writing, I am interested to show the story of the formation and development of the AeTernity blockchain project.

Forum Bitcointalk.ORG allows you to trace this story in the topics of the project:

[ANN] æTERNITY BLOCKCHAIN ​​∞ AE TOKEN ∞ [POW & POS | Oracles | Smart Contracts]

[ANN] æTERNITY BLOCKCHAIN ​​∞ Get AE Tocken ∞ [POS X POW | Smart Contracts]

The activity of the forum in these topics shows the interest of a fundamentally new blockchain protocol.

I am interested in the possibility of practical application of the development of this project, on this I consider it and study so carefully. In the screenshot, it can be seen that the aeternity blockchain can be used in all major areas of economic activity.


Information markets:

Technology allows you to predict market smart contracts directly from the box. From simple gambling to monetized weather forecasts and contracts for events.

Crowdfunding projects:

How about crowdfunding using dominant insurance contracts? Specially designed smart contracts can be used to collect funds by your projects. and at the same time to protect investors from unsuccessful fees. If the project failed, all investors receive their deposits back.

Using oracle, æternity can additionally ensure that the supplier of goods or services will receive payment only after delivery.

Instant rewards in games:

Games are a huge, ever-growing industry, especially in the ecosystem of blockchas, with its obvious advantages; Users fully control their in-game transactions, which means that commissions are minimized without intermediaries. Resistant to fraud network and irreversible transactions provided by the blockchain technology, provide reliable and safe interaction.

From simple games to high-class cybersport games, thanks to the Internet, users can count on safe and instantaneous transactions, idle and enjoy the gameplay.

Decentralized Fintech:

Infinite scalability, instant payment functionality and Oracle prediction allow us to automate financial transactions that include a large number of parameters with any number of simultaneously working users.

One of the many things we can create is a new way of financing projects or even governments. A system in which financing is unlocked only after completing one or more selected events.

In addition, it can be configured to unlock funds only if the result that must be achieved by financing will be predicted by Oracle as a favorable.

Exchange without confidence:

The possibility of the exchange of tokens is an integral part of the prosperous ecosystem, ensuring efficient cooperation and transfer between various blockchain projects.

AETERNITY allows cross-on, reliable Atomic Swaps, for example, between AEONS and BITCOIN, and many other digital assets.

Micro and nano payments:

The payment market is highly conserved and at the same time offers countless innovative opportunities for the rationalization of today's confusing and inefficient ecosystem.

A unique way to process transactions æternity displays it to a new level, processing payments without participation in existing payment channels. This allows them to take place instantly, while maintaining your confidentiality. You are all correctly read - instantly.

Imagine banking operations without the participation of banks and banking commissions!


Some definitions, especially technical descriptions, are best borrowing from the developers themselves. In the screenshots, in descriptions, it can be seen why AETERNITY can be bolded to call the innovative blockchain.


The project team has developed a special Sophia programming language that allows you to create decentralized applications on the Roma blockcha. Ecosystem Allows developers and Mainers to receive remuneration in the tokens AETERNITY (AE).

The project was conducted by the security audit of the blockchain in the Swiss company CNLAB. As a result of the audit, the implementation of the protocol is recognized as satisfactory, base application Base æPP suitable for commercial use.

ATERNITY project team


The founder of the project, Janislav Malakhov, at one time, participated in the creation of Ethereum cryptocurrency. In the project AETERNITY, Yanislav gathered the team of professionals, thanks to which the project has every chance to be implemented and fastened by Etherumer.


The project team is constantly updated with new professionals. There are vacant places for everyone to work for the benefit of Aeternity. Plans from the organizers - creating an effective ecosystem.


At the end of this introductory review, I want to say that the AeterNity blockchain project has a strong team, blockchain history, liquid token, and a real innovative product.

Tests on Hithabe HTTPS: // GitHub.COM / AETERNITY / EPOCH

Scientific Waitpeeper Github.COM / AETERNITY / PROTOCOL (opens in a new tab)

Questions to developers Rus Forum.AETERNITY.COM / T / Topic / 1958 (opens in a new tab)

Track the cost of the project token can be on the website of the Co-Market.

Social network networks:

Bitcointalk https: // Bitcointalk.ORG / INDEX.php?Topic = 1733140.0
Bitcointalk Rus https: // bitcointalk.ORG / INDEX.php?Topic = 1791710.0
Facebook https: // www.Facebook.COM / AETERNITYPROJECT
Twitter https: // Twitter.COM / AETRNTY
GitHub Https: // GitHub.COM / AETERNITY
Reddit https: // www.Reddit.COM / R / AETERNITY
Telegram https: // Telegram.ME / AETERNITY
Telegram RUS https: // T.ME / AETERNITYRU
LinkedIn https: // www.LinkedIn.COM / COMPANY / AETERNITY
Weibo https: // www.Weibo.COM / AECHINACN
Golos.IO https: // Golos.IO / @ AETERNITY

Project Topics on AltCoinstalks.com- https: // www.Altcoinstalks.com / index.php?Topic = 88579.0

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