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How to make a cooperation offer with Free Ton

The Free Ton blockchain project has all the features you need to build a global and efficient community based on the elements of decentralised governance. Meritocratic system of token distribution among community members contributes to the Free Ton ecosystem and mass acceptance of the Ton Crystal coin.

Especially for CryptoCoinExpert residents and readers we prepared this overview which will help you to make a right offer for cooperation with this blockchain project. It is based on the following guide - Free Ton Collaboration Guide.

Free Ton Collaboration Proposal

How to start a Free Ton partnership offer?

  • you need to post the partnership offer on the community forum in the partnership section by creating a New Topic (button in the upper right corner of the page).
  • The proposal must be written in English. English is considered to be the original language, all other languages and the Proposals translated into them are copies. If there are any questions or ambiguities, the English language version of this proposal will take precedence.

It is normal for a proposal to be reviewed and discussed by members of the Community within 1-3 weeks of being published. This is followed by a vote. The initiator of the partnership proposal is interested in following the discussion in the forum thread, answering questions from community members and making changes and additions to the topic. It is recommended to make changes in the discussion thread (not in the start post).

The results of user activity in the Partnership Offers branch are a key metric for accepting or rejecting the offer. In case of active interest of Free Ton community members, the proposal will be put to a vote. If there are more negative comments than positive, we will not vote for this partnership.

What information should be included in the Free Ton partnership offer?

1. Detailed information about the project that initiated the partnership, with links and documents that are easy to verify. Website, statistics, number of users, approximate volume of turnovers, number of transactions, how many active and paying users there are.

2. The reason why you can determine that the cooperation will be mutually beneficial. In this point you need to answer the questions:

-How will both projects benefit from this partnership?

-What added value will Free Ton users and job seeker users get

-The timing of the partnership offer and the planned involvement of users

-Token distribution mechanism. How the Ton Crystal coins will be used

-A detailed description of the processes of implementing Free Ton technologies, indicating costs, timelines, required specialists

-How many tokens need to be received in advance to start the partnership commitments

3. To effectively account for the requested

-How many tokens are needed

-Purpose of token request

-Term of the request

Clarification of these points.

Because Ton Crystal's meritocratic distribution mechanism aims to develop the global Free Ton project, existing community members are encouraged to get involved.

When submitting a Collaboration Proposal, and if requesting tokens in advance, descriptions of integrations with Free Ton should be divided into parts.

1. The internal integration into the services of the proposed partner, which will be carried out by the partnership seeker.

The description of this part of the job should be based on implementation complexity metrics and calculated based on direct costs. For example:

We are requesting 100,000 tokens to integrate our product. This will require: lead time of 2 months; full time, 2 Senior C++ developers.

2. Engaging members of the Free Ton community for integration. 

In this case, assignments to developers should be submitted in the form of a competitive bid, the winners of which will receive tokens for helping with the integration.

3. Tokens received in advance to be used to promote Free Ton.

We need to describe the mechanism of token distribution. 

For example:

For each active user who buys our product for Ton Crystal coins, the buyer will receive a 10% discount or cashback of 10% in Ton Crystal. 

Another example:

For participating in the voting program on our service, each user will receive 5 tokens to vote for ABC

More questions on requesting tokens in Cooperation Offers.

In case of requesting additional tokens, the prospective partner makes descriptions of important points:

1. A detailed description of the benefits of user interaction. You need to clearly articulate who is considered an "active user of the product"

For example:

-A user who downloaded and created a Wallet in Free Ton
-User who made a purchase at a partner service using Ton Crystal
-User who received X number of tokens and used those tokens to pay for services of Free Ton ecosystem

2. In the Partnership Proposal you need to spell out how many tokens requested additionally the partnership applicant earns in the form of a bonus.

For example:

We request 4 tokens per active user. Users pay for the product

3. In the application for tokens it is necessary to specify the timeframe and the number of tokens. In case of meeting or exceeding the partnership performance indicators within the stipulated timeframe, it is possible to make a new (additional) offer with an additional request for Ton Crystal tokens.

KYP (know your partner)

To avoid fraudulent partnership offers on behalf of companies by unauthorized persons, the applicant must complete the KYP (Know Your Partner) procedure. KYP is conducted by an independent service that is trusted by the Free Ton community. The purpose of this verification is to confirm that it is the project-applicant and its authorized representatives who are submitting the Collaboration Proposal.

If the bid is posted by an authorized representative, the bidder must have a power of attorney or a document confirming his/her authority to act on behalf of the project. The document is executed on the letterhead with a signature, it spells out the authority of specific representatives.

The Offer of Cooperation must contain the address of the Free Ton wallet to which the tokens will be sent.

Necessary monthly reports

All Offers that request tokens in advance in exchange for actions that bring quick results (integrations, attracting users, etc.) must contain monthly reports on the work done and the results. These reports include verifiable dаta:

  1. How many tokens were spent
  2. What were the tokens spent on
  3. What KPIs were reached
  4. How many users signed up for DOD, installed wallets or bought Ton Crystal
  5. How much Ton Crystal was distributed to users

This report must be posted in the forum thread of this offer. Along with the report, a request for the next batch of tokens will be published, and again sent for consideration and voting. According to the voting results, tokens are either allocated or not allocated.

AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Free Ton applicants should be prepared (if necessary) to take part in an AMA video session to get to know the community and answer questions. In most cases, conducting an AMA helps the Free Ton community perceive a partnership applicant more positively.

We translated and edited this guide specifically for CryptoCoinExpert community members.info. There may be interest among our residents in partnering with Free Ton, this review helps to put together the right partnership offer.

Good luck and prosperity to all!

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