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Internet of Things. IoTeX. Blockchain

Internet of Things. IoTeX. BlockChain. Three technologies, three promising directions that cold change our present and future.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) - The Concept of A Computing Network of Physical Objects ("Things"), Equipped with Built-in Technologies for Interacting With Each Other or With the external environment.

I was inspired to write this post by a short discusion in the topic Describing the IoTeX Project on Bitcointalk.org.

SmartHub Iot Blockchain

In this blog i'm publish descriptions of Blockchain Projects. I'm intereted in the practical application of Blockchain Technology in real working projects and intered in the possibility of integrating Blockchain into these projects.

The Internet of Things, IoTeX, Blockchain - this is the future which will soon become an everyday reality. That is why i'm crefully studying promising (in my opinion) Blockchain Projects.

As part of this work i'm began to Study IoTeX Project and became interested in the prospects for Its development and widespread scaling.

Iot Blockchain

In my article: Iot. Melbis smart vegetable garden in the IoTeX blockchain, I have looked out one possible integration of a real software solution and a Blockchain system. Gradually, while studying the IoTeX project, I began to understand the full power of this innovative platform.

And now back to the Bitcointalk Forum discussion, i'm took a screenshot on purpose:

Internet of Things IotEx Blockchain

As correctly noticed by one of the Forum participants, name Danilovka, many people still do not understand what this Internet of Things. This beautiful and clever phrase, along with the word Blockchain, still seems to many as something distant, far away and Incom prehensible.

This is why I looked at the forum member First1by's post and wrote this article to answer a few questions.

Internet of Things IotEx Blockchain

Internet of Things

T3 magazine editor - Libby Plummer wrote in one of his scientific publications:

The Internet of Things is a network of connected devices with embedded sensors and software to transmit data. This innovative technology is slowly changing industries ranging from manufacturing to healthcare. The ability to collect data in real time provides companies with a range of benefits, enabling them to automate processes, increase productivity and improve customer service.

More and more different devices are connecting to the Internet of Things, and gartner of connected devices will reach 20.4 Billion.


The problem of securing devises that use the Internet Of Things is particularly urgent, because each of the devices of the Internet Of Things can be used by hackers as a point of entry into the Network.

Cyberattacks can target users' personal data or any other sensitive information. In theory, hackers could take control of any unsecured Iot device.


Blockchain Technology can solve this problem. in a distributed network, data from Iot devices Is stored In different locations, making access to that data more secure compared to a centralized data store.

Internet of Things, IoTeX, Blockchain

IoTeX is an Automatically Scalable and Privacy-Focused Blockchain Infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoTex creates a flexible, privacy-focused Blockchain infrastructure tailored for Iot while leveraging Blockchain-in-Blockchain architecture with crypto-economic incentives.

IoTeX innovative solutions consist of the following user benefits:

1. A Blockchain-in-blockchain architecture that ensures privacy and prevents leakage of ot information;
2. Built-in Privacy Based on Lightweight CRYPTOGRAPHY;
3. Real-Time Consensus with Instant Confirmation, which Improves Network Bandwidth, Reduces Transaction Costs and Enables Efficient Communication Between Circuits;
4. Subchain-As-A-Service (SaaS) to Accelerate Prototyping and Production Of New Iot Applications and Ecosystems.

iotex architecture


IoTeX mission is to help developers easily create their own robust and functional subchains for their own projects and ecosystems.

Subchains can use their qwn takens or IoTeX Token, can be programmed in Different Programming Languages, and can be private or public.

To conclude this review, i want to say that technology: Internet of Things, IoTeX, Blockchain is the future that has already arrived. Every modern person Is already using these technologies in their daily lives, in one way or another. THEY ARE SIMPLY INVISIBLE AND THEREFORE SEEM SO UNFAMILIAR.

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