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IOTEX Blockchain Nodes and Actions

IoTeX blockchain nodes. IoTeX is a peer-to-peer network of nodes that maintain a global consensus on the status of a single indicator stored between blockchain nodes in a distributed manner.

IotEx Blockchain Nodes

IoTeX is a digital democracy where anyone can create a node and offer themselves as a delegate node.

Holders of Iotx tokens can vote for delegates who support the network and help the infrastructure grow and develop.

Every 1 hour (or one IoTeX era), all candidates for reconciliation delegates are rated by the blockchain, and the 36 delegates with the most votes become reconciliation delegates for that era.

IoTeX Blockchain Nodes. Types

IoTeX Blockchain Nodes Come in Four Types:

  • Archive-Gateway : It is a Powerful Full-Featured API-Enabled Node: It Stores a Full Copy of the Blockchain, The Status of All Accounts and An Index of Accounts, So That It Can Serve As A Consensus Delegate, Reliably Checking Any New Incoming Transaction Against The Actual Book Status. In addition, IT CAN Serve As a Gateway to the Blockchain, Supporting API Requests for Account and Contract Status Both at the Current Block Height and at Any Previous Block Height . [Archive NODES WILL BE AVAILABLE FROM VERSION 1.2 blockchain]
  • FullNode-Gateway : This is a Normal Full Node with API Support: It Stores a Full Copy of the Blockchain, The Status of All Accounts and The Account Index, So That It Can Serve As A CONSENSUS DELEGATE, AND ALSO AS A A GATEWAY FOR COMMUNICATION WITH THE BLOCKCHAIN , Supporting API QUERIES OF ACCOUNT AND CONTRACT STATUS ONLY AT THE CURRENT BLOCK HEIGHT .
  • FullNode : This is a Normal Full Node: It Stores A Full Copy of the Blockchain and the Status of All Accounts, So It Can Serve AS A CONSENSUS DELEGATE BUT NOT AS A GATEWAY TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE BLOCKCHAIN, SINCE IT DOES NOT SUPPORT API REQUESTS.
  • LightNode : It is a Light Node: It Only Stores Past Block Heighters Up to a Certain Block Height, So It Cannot Serve As A Consensus Delegate and Cannot Be a Gateway. IT CAN ONLY ACT AS A LOCAL LIGHTWEIGHT CHECK NODE . [LightWeight Nodes Will Be Available From Version 1.3 blockchain]

IoTeX Actions

Any Blockchain IS A DOWNLOAD From An Initial (Genesis) State, Which of the Changes Over Time Through Transactions or Actions, As thely.

Basically, an action is a packet of data signed by a blockchain account that instructs the blockchain to make any changes to the distributed ledger.

The action MAY BE SENT TO ANY NODE IN THE IOTEX BLOCKCHAIN, which WORKS AS A GATEWAY, which in turn broadcasts it to the entire network of nodes for verification and is permanently stored in the registry.

There Are Different Types of Actions in IoTeX, Depending on the Type of Operation to Be Performed:


A TRANSFER IS AN ACTION INITIATED by An Account Designed to Transfer A Certain Number Of IOTX Tokens Belonging to That Account (Sender) to Another Account (Receiver).

Execution Action

Execution IS AN Action Initiated by An Account Designed to Run The Code Associated With A Smart Contract Account.

Control Actions

Management Actions Are Low-Level Actions Between The Account and the Blockchain Itself, Designed to Manage The Voting Mechanism, Delegation of Registrations and Rewards.

  • GRANTREWARD - IS AN ACTION INITIATED by The Blockchain to Grant A Delegate Either Block Or a Epochal Reward.
  • Claimfromrewardingfund - IS AN Action Initiated by An Account to Request a Delegated Reward from the Reward Fund Provided.
  • DepositTOREWardingFund - IS The Action Initiated by The Delegated Reward Ato The Delegated Reward Ato.
  • CandidateUpdate - IS The Action of Updating The Data of the Candidate
  • CreateStake Defines The Action Of Creating A Bid
  • Restake Defines Again The Action of a Bid with Different Parameters
  • DepositToStake Defines Action of a Bet to Add a Deposit
  • TRANSFERSTAKE Defines The Action of TRANSFERRING Ownership Of Another Account
  • Withdrawstake Specifies the withdrawal action

More Details About the Technical Documentation of the Project can be found on IoTeX Forum and CryptoCoinExpert website.

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