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Published by: 17:21, 22 May 2019

IoTeX Mainnet Alpha Works. IoTexICU Delegate

The IoTexIcu delegate CHECKED THE NETWORK OPERATION. In this review, I will share my first impressions of the blockchain network for the Internet of Things. IoTeX Mainnet Alpha Works!

IotEx Mainnet Alpha

In this review, I will share my first impressions of the blockchain network for the Internet of Things. Despite the fact that the blockchain network of the IoTeX Mainnet project was launched on April 22, 2019, I am publishing my review on the topic of this event only today. I will briefly explain the reason for the delay.


Exactly one month ago, the IoTeX project launched the alpha version of the Mainnet. The project team, ambassadors and delegates PREPARED WELL FOR THIS IMPORTANT EVENT FOR ALL. The rehearsal and training of delegates on MainNet went well. The project team did everything possible for success, fully launched its blockchain network.

In preparation for the launch of the Alpha main network, regular rehearsals for the launch of the network and test maximum network loads were held during the month. Along with this, four three-hour workshops, training and technical support on Discord were held.


At the time of launch, the IoTexICU delegate ALREADY HAS A GOOD RANKING IN THE LIST OF DELEGATES, good training and a technical team. We successfully deployed a test network on a cloud server, everything worked without major issues or crashes. Technical issues were resolved quickly and smoothly with the help of the project community. Descriptions and recommendations from the team are written competently. The updates allowed us to keep up with all the project delegates.

THE PROBLEM ARISES Unexpectedly. We started the process of migrating the server from the cloud storage to the local server. To solve this problem, a technical specialist has appeared in our team.

WE REINSTALLED THE NODE. From that moment on, something went wrong. Very soon, the IoTexICU delegate felt the first problems, which lasted for a month. The understanding of the problem did not arise immediately. To be honest, for a while we didn't even perceive what was happening as a problem. But our node stopped working completely.

Our team, an IoTexICU delegate immediately turned to the project team for help. We quickly received the first recommendations and started fixing bugs. The issue seemed to be settled. But our host stubbornly refused to work correctly and gave errors.

For several days, we reinstalled the node several times a day, changed the settings, reinstalled the system on the server, tested the Internet, registered ports, communicated with the provider ... But our node still did not work. The main problem from day one was syncing with the IoTeX network.

After a week, I started thinking seriously and worrying. We started asking for help in the technical chat of the project and all team members.


Very quickly, the IotExICU Delegate moved from 19th place to 40. I was ready for this turn of events, voters vote for delegates and get their profit. This is why few people are interested in voting for a delegate while his host is down — business is business. Our team worked very hard to fix bugs. It took a long time, but our node continued to work with errors.

Nowadays there are very few specialists who know how to launch and configure master nodes. EACH BLOCKCHAIN PROJECT HAS ITS OWN CHARACTERISTICS, WHICH YOU NEED TO STUDY AND PRODUCE, SPEND A LOT OF TIME.

Teamwork in an IoTeX project allows solving problems much faster and easier than in other blockchain projects. Technical issues are quickly corrected with the collaboration of the community and the IoTeX team.


Fortunately, the IoTeX project has an experienced and responsive project community on Discord, ready to help solve technical problems. All participants are interested in the success of the project. The technical team of the project is constantly updating the software. The network is already performing much better than it was in the beginning.

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