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IoTeX MAINNET - Soon Running

After two weeks of seminars and thorough testing of IOTEX MAINNET, we are pleased to announce that MainNet rehearsal Officially completed!

IOnnet Mainnet

I offer translation of the article - IoTeX MainNet Rehearsal Conclusion - Launch Coming Soon!

IOTEX Foundation and more than 50 IOTEX delegates worked as one team, and we are extremely satisfied with the process and results that significantly exceed our expectations. Thanks to our wonderful delegates for your efforts and teamwork!

April 9 IOTEX Foundation organized Orientation Call # 2, fourth and last event MainNet Rehearsal. More than 55 participants were present at this rehearsal, which joined our global conference call - this is the highest attendance of all MainNet rehearsals!

This shows that interest and the desire to work for the sake of a common cause among our delegates is only enhanced. We strive as soon as possible, start building the future of IOTEX with you .

https: // Youtu.BE / NDST-GYID9Q

If you missed our earlier MainNet rehearsals, see our full summary here:

  • General rehearsal number 1: March 27 ( video and Slides )
  • Orientational call number 1: March 29 ( video and Slides )
  • GENERAL RECONDATION № 2: April 4 ( video and Slides )

The main goals of the MainNet rehearsal were to:

  1. Learning delegates for the error-free achievement of the consensus on the IOTEX network
  2. Testing the network using critical loads, and improving our code.

Today, delegates consistently mined real blocks using the real MAINNET code on real servers. We proudly report that they have achieved both of our main goals - the rehearsal has passed with tremendous success!

IOnnet Mainnet

Current status chain can be viewed here.

The iOnex MainNet rehearsal lasted about 2 weeks and included two consistent rehearsals (initial download of the new blockchain from scratch) and two informational calls (technical seminars from IoTEX Foundation).

During the rehearsal, we significantly increased the performance of the iOTEX blockchain and helped delegates to customize / optimize their nodes.

Key challenges included:

  • Multiple codes + updates : Mainnet rehearsal began with Testnet V0.five.0-RC6, and new codes (RC7, RC8, RC9) issued every week with error corrections, new features and improved performance.
  • Load tests and practice "Fire training" : We quickly implemented transactions (more than 300 finalized TPSs) to check the limits of our blockcha. We learned in practice, in the real segment of time to process rare incidents with "fire training" .
  • System Infrastructure + Devops : Itex Foundation spent several seminars to help customize and optimize delegate nodes. Recommended settings include Kubernetes, Envoy, Prometheus, PagerDuty, Keel and others.
  • Command Line Interface (IOCTL Tool) : We created / improved the IOCTL tool, which provides a solid interface for interacting with Blockchain IOTEX: MGMT account, wallet, node status, transaction, remuneration and much more. This tool is designed not only for delegates - please try yourself!
  • Remuneration Tools + Distribution : Some of our delegates, such as Infinitystones, IotXplorer and Iotask, have created an open source tools to help delegates to calculate / distribute rewards and add transparency for voters
  • DDOS attack campaign: To truly challenge the IOTEX blockcha and our delegates, we have released a reward for DDOS to identify any weak points and vectors attacks. IOTEX blockchain proven itself!

Although MainNet rehearsal has already been completed, we will continue to strengthen and improve the IOTEX network. We call on all community participants to test and help improve IOTEX Mainnet after his public startup.

Next Stop: Run Mainnet Alpha!

The MainNet rehearsal was extremely useful for strengthening our consensus, improving ease of use for delegates and ensuring that this MainNet can overcome all risks and scenarios. Passing this process, we are extremely sure that our Delegates will be able to expand and maintain the IOTEX network.

IotEx blockchain code Currently verified by leading cybersecurity companies. This process is similar Check our smart contracts on supply / voting conducted Certik & Slowmist. For the future, IOTEX is very important that all security and performance issues have been resolved to the public launch of MainNet.

The audit of the blockchain is the last milestone in front of the public launch of Mainnet Alpha - we will inform the community as soon as it is completed. If there are no problems, we plan to complete and declare the official date of the MainNet launch during the week on April 15.

What else on the horizon?

Mainnet Alpha release will soon be released, but there are still many interesting things on the way! Some of them we can share now, and some are completely secret, but we will soon share. 2019 will be awesome, rich events year for IOTEX - Here are some things to count:

  • Community promotion programs (Iolove, video MainNet, DDOS): Do not miss your chance to earn IOTX awards in our three active community promotion campaigns! Your participation in Iolove and MainNet video campaigns will help us to distribute iOnNet launch information, please participate!
  • Portal for IOTEX participants : Your universal store for all things Blockchain + IoT! We will inform you about the latest products and distribute IoT devices and IOTEX Swag - you must be a participant to access, so do not forget Vote today !
  • Bonus for Early Placement / Voting: These awards from the IOTEX Foundation will be distributed among voters after launching MainNet. Initially, we intended to provide a bonus of 30% first 1000 baskets with a bet> 28 days, but decided to expand the bonus of 30% to everyone who made a bet in March on> 28 days! Remember that you must keep your tokens at the rate before launching MainNet to get a bonus for early placement.

Follow the news on our official channels and help us distribute our announcements and news ! We appreciate your support, let's build the future together.

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