The Project IotEx IS Developing An Innovative Blockchain for the Internet Of Things, Focused on Rapid Scalability and Privacy. The Main Idea of the Project Is To Create A Secure, Decentralized Network That Connects Real People, Businesses and Devices.

Franchise Exhibition In Kiev Has Shown That IotEx Technology Is Interesting To EntrePreneurs.

IotEx Project EXhibition of Franchises In Kiev

Franchise Exhibition In Kiev

Franchise - The Object Of The Franchise Agreement, A Set Of Benefits, Consisting of Rights to Use The Brand and Business Model Of The Franchisor, AS Well As Other Benefits Needed to Create and Run A Business. A franchise can be a business method, a trademark, a technology with mutual obligations and benefits between the transferring (franchisor) and the receiving (franchisee) parties, provided for a fee and formalized in accordance with the law on intellectual property protection.

The Exhibition Brought Together Offerings From Sevel Dozen SuccessFul Companies That Have Decided to Scale Their Success, And Are Creating Their Own Networks.

Project IotEx Franchise Exhibition in Kiev

IT Seemed to Me That The Interests of The Ireex Project and Franchisors Are The Same. My Assumptions Were Correct, IotEx Blockchain Project Aroused Interest Among EntrePreneurs in Kiev. But There IS A Problem.

IOTEX Project IS An Exhibition Of Franchises In Kiev

The Exhibition Features Real Projects With Real Businesses and Real Customers. These Projects Earn Money Now, Without Blockchain and Smart Contacts. Clients of These Projects Pay With Real Money According to the TRIED-AND-TRUE Settlement Scheme.

IOTEX Project in Kiev

Franchises Exhibition Brings Together People Who Are Interested In Investing Their Money in Existing Busineses, and in Working Algorithms to Earn Money. The Innovative Blockchain IotEx Is Still Not Fully Understood by Many entrepreneurs.

IOTEX Project in Kiev

This Problem I Have Already Described in A Small Review - Internet Things. IotEx. BlockChain. People Are Familiar With The Word Internet of Things, Less Familiar Word Blockchain, And Not Familiar Word Word IotEx.


Ukrainian Consumer Is Ready To Pay Money for Food. That's Why Several Fast-Food Franchises Are On Display At The Exhibition. In Theory, IotEx Blockchain Could Fit Well INTO The Economics of Fast-Food Projects. But This Integration Needs To Be Spelled Out and Offered to Busineses AS A Ready-Made Solution.


IN THE ECONOMICS OF A 3D PRINTING FACTORY, IOTEX BLOCKCHAIN CAN SOLVE SEVERAL PROBLEMS AT ONCE. But These Solutions Need to Be Prescribed and Proposed to the Organizers of the Project Factory in the Box.

IOTEX Project Franchise Exhibition In Kiev

Franchising Halls With Virtual Reality Attractions Is a New and Highly Profitable Type of Business. These Halls Can Be Easily Combined in The Ireex Blockchain Network. But Again, You Need An Out-of-the-Box Solution, And A Proposal for How to Use IT AS Part of the Vrinn Business Model.

IOTEX Project Franchise Exhibition In Kiev

Looking for a Solution to this Problem, I Went to Blockchain Hub. Experienceed Developers and Businessmen Who Are Familiar with The Specifics of Blockchain Projects Gather Here. Comfortable Conditions Are Created for Startups in the Hub. The Possibility To Exchange Experiencees, Hear The Opinion of Colleagues and More Experienced People, All This Attracts Intereted Audience to Blockchain Hub in Kiev.


Photo by ksenia zhitomirskaya. A Brilliant Speaker and Programmer, Ksenia Talks ABOUT THE MECHANISMS OF SMART CONTRACTS IN BLOCKCHAIN.


Let's Look At One Example. THE AIRLAB PROJECT DEALS WITH SIMILAR SOLUTION TO IOTEX Solutions. The Company IS Trying To Address A Number of Questions:

  • How to Enable Direct Interaction Between Robots From Two Different Corporations;
  • How to Ensure That Ownership IS TransferRed to the Consumer If No Human Is Involved In The Manufacturing and Logistics Process;
  • How to Tax Robotic Activities and What Counts As A Separate Robotic Unit;
  • How to Understand What a Human Requires From A Fully Robotic Enterprise Today.

Agree, The Questions Are Relevant Not Only for Robotics, But Also for the Internet of Things, Solutions for Which IotEx Is Developing.


Alexander Momot, a Successful Business Practitioner, Told Why People Still Have a Hard Time Accepting Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies. According to Alexander - This Is Because There Are Still A Lot of Projects in Development and In Theory, But Very Few Ready-Made Solutions That Prove The Profitability Of Using Blockchain in Real Business.


IN OCTOBER 2018, I WROTE A SHORT REVIEW OF - CryptoeConomics. How to Get Out Of the Crisis? In this Review I Wrote:

Real Working Projects That Are Profitable, That A in Demand By Users, Whose Economy Uses Cryptocurrencies and Decentralized Blockchain Technology Is The Only Cure for the Entire Crypto-Economy.

The Franchise Exhibition SHOWED THAT ARE ALREADY A LOT OF PROJECTS THAT ARE PROFITABLE AND ARE WILLING TO SHARE THEIR ALGORITHMS FOR SUCCESS. All Of These Projects Are Potential Participants of the ireex Blockchain Network. Butter Projects To Join Ireex, We Need To Offer Them Ready-Made Solutions Adapted To their Business. This Is A Task We Continue To Work on.

HowEEX Developments Help Real Businesses?


Despite The Challenges Outlined Above, Applying Innovative IotEx Solutions Can Be Very Beneficial for Businesses. The Project Aims to Become the underlying infrastructure for Iot Devices, Ensuring Their Autonomous Coordination and Interactionion. IOTEX Introduces Cryptoeconomic Incentives, Privacy and Rapid Scalability To the Business Model.


The Open-Source Software Solutions That IotEx Develops Allow A Traditional Business to Transform Itself ITO A HIGH-TECH Company, Gaining New Competitive Advantages. IoTex Allows You to Tokenize Any Business, Making It More Reliable, Easily Manageable and Scalable. 

IOTEX Project Franchise Exhibition In Kiev

Let's Look AT An Example Of IotEx Blockchain Integration and The Factory in the Box Project - The World's First Compact 3D Factory, Which Produces Unique, Personalized, Useful and Exclusive Products. THE RANGE OF GOODS PRODUCED BY THE FACTORY IN THE BOX IS LIMITLESS. The Factory in the Box Can Produce Any Item, Scan People and Objects, Create New Products Right On The Screen, ETC.D. THERE ARE NO LIMITATIONS ON THE TARGET AUDIENCE. Customers Will Any Interests Will Be Able to Find Interesting Things for ThemSelves.

What Will The Project, Franchisee and End Consumer Gain From The Integration With Ireex?

As Any Project Develops, IT Faces The Problem of Data Security. Autonomous 3D Factories, Which Are Located in Different Places, Constitute a Decentralized Network of Iot Devices.

To Efficiently Scale Around The World, Factory in The Box, IT IOS Advisable to Join the iOnex Network. CREATE ITS OWN SUBCHAIN AND ITS OWN TOKEN. In This Way The Problem of International Settlements Is Solved Quickly and Efficiently.

Contracts With Franchisees Can Be Signed using Smart Contracts and Blockchain. IOTEX Solutions Enable Reliable, Unchanging, and Easily Traceable Results.

At the Samselves Can Be Anonymous, and Protected by Smart Contracts From All Unexpected Surprises.

The End USER CAN BE Assured That Their Personal Data Is Secure, The Relationship With The 3D Factory Is Pre-Specified in The Smart Contract and Unchangeable.

IotEx Is Open for Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

Any Developer CAN Use The Ireex Open Source Infrastructure to Build Dapps, Our Official Development Partners Will Get Hands-On Advice Through Direct Access to the iOnex Product and Technical Teams. Development Partners Will Get Priority for Beta Testing Of New IotEx Features and Get ACCESS TO THE IOSEX NETWORK VIA BLOCKCHAIN CONTACTS. Other Resources, Such As Proof-Of-Concept Funding, Management and Crypto-Economics Guidance, And Technical Advice, Will Be Provided on a Discretionary Basis.

Franchise SHOW SHOWS REAL BUSINESS INTEREST IN INTEGRATING WITH IOTEX. The Benefits of this Collaboration Are Clear for Projects, IOTEX, and end users.

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