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Криптоблогеры - перспективная профессия

Crypto bloggers are a promising profession and the right direction for the development of any blogger. Blockchain technology, tokenization and cryptocurrency settlements are developing, the demand for describing crypto projects is growing steadily. But everyone only needs quality authors.

Crypto bloggers have appeared relatively recently.

crypto bloggers

 Even 5-6 years ago, articles about cryptocurrencies were considered something similar to the description of a UFO (unidentified flying object) - a lot of talk, but no one saw it. When I first read about the bitcoin cryptocurrency, I myself did not understand at all who, apart from the drug mafia and arms dealers, might need it.

Nevertheless, articles on the topic of cryptocurrencies appeared in the media with an enviable frequency. People read them, were perplexed, and went on to read posts about Hollywood stars or to the politician section. But thanks to the authors who wrote about bitcoin in various publications, the words bitcoin and cryptocurrency moved from the "new" section to the "everyday" and "popular" sections.

The internet needs bloggers

Recently, the word blogger has become noticeable. Many eminent bloggers are very wealthy people. They run their blogs, spend time in a bohemian get-together or in exotic countries, have tens and hundreds of thousands of subscribers. It seems like a blogger's life is a carnival that gets paid very well.

On the Internet, they love to paint gossip about bloggers, because it is thanks to bloggers that there is original author's content on the Internet. The Internet really needs original authors, and bloggers do an excellent job with this task, millions of author's articles and videos are generated daily on millions of different topics.

You can think for a long time which content is more necessary and popular. Some people like to watch videos more, others like to read. How many people, so many opinions. In my opinion, any quality content is needed.

I asked Google a search query with the word "blogger" and instantly received about 22.2 million mentions of this word in various articles. Here you will find articles on how to become a blogger, and gossip, and articles by the bloggers themselves. The mass of necessary and junk information that is generated by people for other people. Or not just for people?

There is an opinion that the original content is needed to train artificial intelligence, but so far this is only guesswork and assumptions. Nevertheless, cryptocurrencies, decentralization, blockchain and artificial intelligence are not so fiction. This is the reality of our time.


Crypto bloggers. Who are they?

Recently, a relatively new group of authors has begun to form, who write articles on the topic of cryptocurrencies and reviews of crypto projects. This new layer of authors is called crypto bloggers.

Writing articles on the topic of crypto is very promising at the moment. A detailed algorithm for earning is described in the topic on the authoritative crypto forum bitcointalk.org- [BOUNTY] [RUS] Sharing experience and earn more and in the article Altcoin mining. Custom algorithm.

But this, may Tuareg forgive me, is a rather primitive algorithm with which you can just look into the crypto world and get your first earnings in cryptocurrency. Using this method, you can learn more about crypto projects, you can get your hand in writing articles on the topic of cryptocurrencies, you can create an initial portfolio of your articles. And then, over time, the most interesting begins. The crypto world either opens its doors to the author, or mercilessly throws him out.

It's no secret that 90% of any success is constant, systematic work. Work, learning, mistakes, failures, successes, and work again. The remaining 10% is luck and stuff. This percentage is typical for most cases of success. At the same time, a successful environment, or a happy coincidence, helps some to achieve success much faster than ordinary workers.

A successful environment, work in a strong team of like-minded people, interest and dedication to the chosen direction, these are the necessary components of any successful endeavor.

crypto bloggers

Crypto bloggers. New promising profession

Currently, crypto bloggers earn cryptocurrency for their work. This is a very risky but at the same time highly profitable type of earnings.

I suppose that many bounty hunters will quietly scold me now, but there is very little competition in this business now. With all this, the earnings are very good, even despite the abundance of fraud, scam and other limiters of wealth.

The cryptocurrency market is at the stage of global testing, so it needs new authors and new critical, high-quality reviews like air. Good work is always paid very well. Crypto bloggers are a promising profession.

Read the article Indonesia and blockchain technology, they describe the thoughts of a real person who is already quietly earning cryptocurrency, including by writing articles and reviews for crypto projects. This blog has fantasies, but no fictions.

The article Collaboration, decentralization and blockchain describes a real example of cooperation, thanks to which this cryptoblog was born.

The article Crypto projects and earnings an idea is described that caused a heated discussion in various topics on the bitcointalk forum. Thanks to these discussions, the idea may soon come true, and it will take many high-quality crypto bloggers to bring it to life.

Believe me, the Internet needs crypto bloggers much more than regular bloggers. Moreover, in the near future, payment with cryptocurrency will be perceived as natural as payment by credit card or payment through PayPal.

One of the examples of earning cryptobloggers is described in the article Social media and internet traffic, and this is only one of thousands of types of earning cryptocurrency and fiat money.

Crypto bloggers are a promising profession

Crypto bloggers are already earning a lot, and will earn even more! This is a promising profession

Blockchain technology is evolving faster than any other technology. I am writing this article with one specific purpose, to attract the attention of authors and bloggers to this type of business.

 We really need authors who can write quality articles and reviews. We really need people who are ready to work in a team. 

We really need blogs that will describe crypto projects with us. 

We are open to any kind of cooperation. Together we are much stronger than alone.

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